Ollie’s Canadian Moot

Ever thought that big International events are just for the younger sections? Then think again! Ollie Hyde tells us about his scouting adventure at the 14th World Scout Moot in Canada.

14th World Scout Moot, Canada 2013

Dawn breaks over the still of camp Awacamenj Mino but there is already a buzz in the air. The 14th World Scout Moot has arrived. Being part of the largest ever UK contingent for a moot was an amazing feeling, especially when all the nations congregated in front of the Canadian Parliament back at the beginning of August. With our international patrols, we explored the wonders of Canada through 4 paths across 4 cities. Each step of the way created new friendships but also a greater understanding of what it is to be a scout. A key element of Moot 2013 was to understand the culture of the First Nations, which included sunrise ceremonies and the weaving of dream catchers. Amongst all the planned activities of sailing, coach rally and geocaching to name just three; there was plenty of time to lounge on the beach, explore the lake and the surrounding woods or even join the party down at Tulip Cafe. Moot 2013 has created memories for a lifetime to the extent its never too early to start saving for the next Moot in Iceland 2017.

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Leicestershire Network Scouts at the Moot