Membership Award

Membership AwardThe Membership Award is gained by young people joining from outside the Movement. Explorer Scouts complete the Moving-On Award from the Explorer Scout section.

To gain the Membership Award, you must complete the following:

  • describe the various options available locally to become a member of the Scout Network
  • demonstrate an understanding of the Scout Promise and Law
  • demonstrate an understanding of local, national and international Scouting
  • make the Scout Promise and accept the Scout Law

Young people gain the Membership Award only once in the Scout Network, no matter how many local Networks they join.

The location for making the Promise should be decided by the young person with help from other Members. The Promise should be made in front of other members of the Scout Network, but the location should be appropriate and memorable.

Young people should make the Promise between 6 and 12 weeks of joining. If they have been an Explorer Scout, they will probably be ready much sooner.