Erin’s Mystery Adventure

High Adventure is one of the best (if not the best) events run by Leicestershire Scouts, in my opinion.  Put down your books and take to the hills for a weekend.  Excitement builds as the coach heads for a motorway then meanders off it, into country roads, everyone trying to guess where the secret location is this year.  We woke up to beautiful sun on the Saturday morning and it shone all weekend, keeping spirits high – a refreshing change from last year when we emerged from igloos at Top Camp on the Sunday morning!  Lake Vyrnwy and the surrounding hills were spectacular in this balmy March heat wave but we couldn’t spend too long looking, as there was a competition to be won! Saturday saw teams trekking far and wide for the highest scoring clippers and Sunday brought out the teamwork and logic at the manned challenges.

Mm, Tea

As the only Network team, we won our category by default.  I had a splendid weekend and was proud to be part of “Mm, Tea” (Monty, Matt, Tom, Erin and Andrew).  Overall we came second to the very strong Explorer team, “Pr0Team” from Xtreme ESU, with whom our paths crossed several times over the weekend.  I feel a camaraderie with this team as I was patrol leader to some of them at the Jamboree in Sweden, so was only too happy to see them excel and beat their old PL; they wanted the win and deserved every point, well played boys!  My feeling of nostalgia was also ignited at the results ceremony when the 2 Inclined teams came first and second in the Explorer category.  Having been an Inclined Explorer, I felt a great pride at these teams’ success.  As a die-hard High Adventurer, I felt like a veteran over the weekend; it’s fantastic to see so many teams competing and the competition still going strong.

I heard fantastic tales of the “Dambusters” challenge involving a motorised model plane of some sort!  We had fun on the Land Rover challenge that combined logic (in the form of rope and pulleys) with brute strength.  Mm, Tea was comprised of a graduate and 3 undergraduates but it was Tom (our 6th, a former physician) who assured us that we should pull the Rover down the hill – well done and thank you Tom!

Mm, Tea

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend; it was gratifying to be back with the scouts on the hills and get away from flat Hull and approaching essays.  Once a scout, always a scout.  A massive thank you to all the adults that made the weekend happen for us – without your time, effort and dedication, our county would not be churning out the well-rounded young adults that I was pleased to meet again over the weekend.  Thank you, thank you.  One day, I will join you… but only after I’ve given HA my last shot, you’ve got another 5 years of me yet!  See you next year folks – and can we have a few more Network teams please?!

by Erin Billington, Market Harborough Network

Ollie’s Canadian Moot

Ever thought that big International events are just for the younger sections? Then think again! Ollie Hyde tells us about his scouting adventure at the 14th World Scout Moot in Canada.

14th World Scout Moot, Canada 2013

Dawn breaks over the still of camp Awacamenj Mino but there is already a buzz in the air. The 14th World Scout Moot has arrived. Being part of the largest ever UK contingent for a moot was an amazing feeling, especially when all the nations congregated in front of the Canadian Parliament back at the beginning of August. With our international patrols, we explored the wonders of Canada through 4 paths across 4 cities. Each step of the way created new friendships but also a greater understanding of what it is to be a scout. A key element of Moot 2013 was to understand the culture of the First Nations, which included sunrise ceremonies and the weaving of dream catchers. Amongst all the planned activities of sailing, coach rally and geocaching to name just three; there was plenty of time to lounge on the beach, explore the lake and the surrounding woods or even join the party down at Tulip Cafe. Moot 2013 has created memories for a lifetime to the extent its never too early to start saving for the next Moot in Iceland 2017.

Don’t miss out on the adventure – log your interest now on the international website.

Leicestershire Network Scouts at the Moot