A Scout Network Member involved in Programme activities from this Self Development Area should:

  • increase Members’ awareness of local, national and international environmental issues
  • develop an appreciation of the diverse world around them
  • learn to respect and accept cultures other than their own
  • develop an understanding of their place within the context of their local, national and international community
  • develop an understanding of key global issues and how their actions locally can affect them.

Example activities for this Self Development Area might include:

  • Take part in Jamboree on the Air or Jamboree on the Internet.
  • Join an international camp staff programme at Kandersteg in Switzerland.
  • Visit a European Country and find out about the Rover Scout Section. Take advantage of the Inter Rail pass to visit several countries in one go.
  • Join an international work camp or conservation project or help at an international camp or Jamboree as a member of the International Service Team. You can also find out and visit a World Scout Moot or Roverway.
  • Invite local Networks to a ‘Hunger Lunch’ to highlight the difficulties faced by people in developing countries. Discuss possible solutions and produce an action plan to show how the Scout Network could assist.
  • The Rights of Children – The Convention on the Rights of the Child reaffirms that children, because of their vulnerability, need special care and protection. It places special emphasis on the primary caring and protective responsibility, and the need for legal protection of the child before and after birth. Find out all of the contents of the convention and then see how Scouting measures up to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Invite a representative of a year-out organisation specialising in overseas voluntary work placements overseas for young people aged 17 to 25 years old, in a transition year before going on to further education, training or employment, to talk to the Network.
  • Find out about Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) youth programme for 18 to 25 year olds.
  • Visiting Glastonbury? Find out how Glastonbury’s partnership with Water Aid provides water to areas of the world which suffer from serious drought.
  • Find out about the role of Amnesty International and other agencies in the field of human rights. Find out about two recent cases they have been involved with, and discuss the outcomes of the case. Find out about prisoners of conscience and have a debate about whether the motives behind these actions are right.
  • Have a Network member learn a different language and pass on the skills to the younger sections and your fellow members.
  • Join the staff of a local International Camp.
  • Take part in or organise an Explorer Belt Expedition.
  • Carry out a survey of all the local international restaurants and then carry out a five-star rating guide for other Networks to use.
  • Invite a guest from Oxfam or similar organisation to discuss the morality of rich and poor areas of the world. Discuss what action you believe should be taken either by individuals, government or other organisations to prevent inequality.